Inov8ive's Patented Forensic Discharge Sensor Systems

UK and USA patent; owned by Inov8ive.

Our research has confirmed that our sensor and algorithms autonomously provide repeatable and accurate ballistic signatures. This information is not affected by firearm and can distinguish between the type of ammunition (blank, live, dry), barrel temperature, velocity, speed and the rate of fire (automatic or burst), which is unaffected by movement (useable in operation). Additional sensors promote and support the operator, including altitude, heading, muzzle movement, and geospatial location amongst others. Our Sensor requires no calibration and all data is repeatable.

The design can also be used in dry fire situation and using blanks. 

All metadata captured from ballistic and operator signatures will include UTC and GPS position with the option of dead reckoning (if required).

As a Game-changing technology (GCT) the sensor is expected to have a disruptive effect on autonomous discharge systems.

The product will include a secure microcontroller that ensures firmware integrity.  In addition, the data has AES 256 encryption and compression processes, allowing additional encryption through the system.

No calibration. Repeatable data.

Capable of autonomous interaction at machine speed. 

Useable on Firearms, Ordnance, and other discharge systems.



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