GEOSHOT system features.

A Smart circuit for Firearm Accountability

Awarded UK and USA Patents

Monitor usage autonomously of ammunition used, location fired supporting maintenance and cost savings.

Reliable with Component manufacturer changes or revision updates. 

Repeatability.   Required if challenged in court.

Allowing data-driven planning response can place law enforcement in the right place and time linked to historical data.

Complete accountability to officer activity and reduce over resourcing.

Post Incident Investigation generated a forensic log of events reducing investigation time and saving money.

Not susceptible to vibrations of surroundings or knocks.  So can be mounted to large calibre mobile firearms.

The unique signature generated for each log entry to detect tampering

Monitor mental health of shooter using sensory micro-movements

Monitor behaviour during probationary periods.

Onboard backup log (if challenged).

The device is IPx8 rated and can detect discharge underwater.

Automatically Calibrates to any firearm.

It does not interfere with RF-ID; it can integrate with RF-ID devices to provide additional information.

Set of Unique 256 bit PKA keys used to encrypt communications and data

AI Integration with other certified devices.

Detect removal from the firearm and transmit panic signal.

Detect magazine change.



Indisputable firearm forensic metadata including:


UTC timestamp calibrated to GPS.

Gesture Recognition.

Ballistic signature.

Barrel direction.


Incline or decline of the weapon and cant of weapon.

Barrel temperature.

Panic data generation.

Detection of cant and follow-through.

Detect raw, yaw, pitch, angle and direction of the weapon.

Monitor issues with discharge.


Installation Options include:

Preferred Option: Potted within space of the firearm.

Wristband Installation.

Electronic Security Tag.

Specialist mounts for under-barrel installation (e.g. Shotgun).


Detect and Differentiate

FMJ rounds.

Solid Lead.

Shotgun cartridges (from 21grn).


Air rifles.

.177" and above.

Amongst others.


Projects in Progress

Initial trials with Tasers.

Covert gun monitoring.


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