Enable Awareness

Data is our most valuable resource.


Engage, Interact and Co-operate at Machine speed.

Increase data-driven decision and situation awareness using analytics, firearm gesture, location, movement, firearm barrel movement, temperature, and heightened monitoring.   

Supports on the move, transitional, multi-fire, and close quarter combat.

Realtime, IoT Connectivity & Encryption

Encrypted connectivity is available for all points of the IoT ecosystem.  All data is encrypted on the device and to the cloud.

GeoShot connects to a communications daughterboard, enabling the end-user to choose configure their IoT protocol, third-party products, specialist protocol, or the unit to record locally as a retrospective tool. 



Analytics and Artificial Intelligence capabilities

The Metadata recorded can be used live or for analytics (Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive) alongside spatial contextual awareness.

Empower firearms operators with assisted intelligence in Forensics, Logistics, Security, Training, Location Monitoring, Behavioural Analytics, Health Monitors, and Enhanced Situation Awareness, amongst others.

GeoShot can use autonomy to perform tasks with compatible devices, e.g. Switch on compatible devices (such as bodycams), raise alerts, etc. 

Evidence based historical data

Evidence based historical data of firearms usage will support analysis tools into the operator and the firearm resulting in neutral, unbiased forensic data. The value increases with the length of the history.

End to End 

Data is traceable from the firearm collection to the raw datasets, analysis datasets, and reports in our applications or compatible systems.

Reliable forensic discharge Information

Geoshot's forensic discharge circuit, coupled with other sensors, captures a complete picture of how the round was discharged within indisputable metadata.

Granted US and UK patents.

Knocks, bangs or movement of the firearm do not affect the discharge data.

Asset Tracking

Nanotechnology field ready asset tracking solution for high value collections.

Configured to your needs.

Through life 

Through Life Management offers huge benefits, including.  Procurement. Deployment, Utilisation, Maintenance, Support, Retirement and Disposal.

Partnerships & Collaborations

We are seeking partnerships and collaborations to work with us in proposals and tenders.

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