GEOSHOT Watchful Applications

The Next Generation of Applications using AI/IoT

Custom Applications

We are currently seeking grants and equity funding to support our ambitious Research and Development innovations, which have significant potential. 

Autonomous Armoury 
& logistics systems

Ammunition usage, firearm location and maintenance with minimal human intervention.

Firearm & Ordnance training systems

The next generation in firearms training in both range and operational environments including close quarter battle, transitional shooting, multiple discharges, vehicle movement, including ballistic data amongst others.  

The device can be used on either a firearm or air rifle and can generate a discharge signature information from a .177" air rifle with no calibration.

Geospatial Information Systems

Visualize, manage, command, track and analyse firearms in a real-time application.   Analyse data to uncover comprehensive insights and solve challenges.  The data  giving data-interchange to Microsoft Azure, ESRI, or Oracle amongst others. 

& Control

A comprehensive data stream into the command and control systems detailing the status of firearm or ordnance.

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