Autonomous & Human-AI-Machine Systems

Inov8ive are about safe and secure AI as well as ethics guidelines for trustworthiness and fairness in AI.  Our priority is to develop systems to support the Law enforcement and the military by providing accurate firearm data.

Discharge data (Firearms, Ordnance, etc) can support the narrative and arguments of an incident by providing statistical evidence of events supporting mobile, transitional and standstill discharge (single, multi-fire and semi-automatic).

By having immediate access to Incident data, miscommunications between parties leading to  wrong decisions or misinterpretation of data, delays, and increased costs.

Each product developed from this technology will require its artificial intelligence and autonomous coding based on its deployment alongside the appropriate grade of GPS (or supporting dead reckoning ), encryptions, and communications. However, the product is currently encrypted at the microcontroller and can include blockchain. 

Identified Fields.

  • Logistics (Ammunition/Parts) / Autonomous Armoury
  • Maintenance / Autonomous monitoring
  • Autonomous Actions
  • Situation Awareness / Real time monitoring
  • Mental Health Monitoring
  • Benchmarking
  • GeoInt (Information Layers)
  • End of life monitoring

Our system will also provide faster and more efficient record keeping, give access to real-time data, automate warnings, automated discharge information, misfire identification, or double loading, reducing overall workloads and supporting. safety.


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